Religious Drugs From History

Let's bring some religious mysticism and psychedelic science together. It's alchemic intellectual exercise ;)


I’ve been exploring Magic Mushrooms and their role in the growth of our society for a while now and I can’t stress the importance of deconditioning our thinking on the safe use of these natural remedies. The huge stigma that the war on drugs in the United States and the western view of these substances has created a veil that many people aren’t open to exploring. Mushroom enthusiasts everywhere hope to change that.


Psilocybin mushrooms have a very long history of use by the human species. Once you start doing the research, you start seeing several links between our everyday lives and the ancient use of psilocybin. I was always fascinated with religions and the tales of several gods and prophets that accordingly created a framework for human society to reach a certain level of spirituality in a communal setting. Religion, however, could never really speak to me. My views of the world were being shaped by something that religion probably came from. Something more primordial that offered an experience of the divine. After having tried ayahuasca and psilocybin several times, I have no problem telling people that I have personally grown years in a matter of days, both spiritually, intellectually and personally, while trying these substances. I also see a lot of evidence of their recurrent use throughout history, especially within religions like Hinduism.

The evidence of psilocybin use in Hinduism are pretty obvious for anyone even remotely associated with the two. In the Hindu tradition, the cow is a sacred animal. It is so sacred that some Hindus would rather starve than kill a cow. Everything relating to the cow is also sacred according to ancient Hindu scriptures. When people of the Hindu faith go into a temple, for example, they still take a handful of white powder that they rub onto their foreheads. That white powder itself is cremated cow dung, a sacred part of the Hindu rituals that is today found throughout Hindu traditions across the world.

Anyone that is familiar with magic mushrooms also knows that the best place to find them in the wild is on cow dung. Yep, magic mushrooms, the very ego killing substance that offers a level of introspection that is unlike any other, grows on cow shit.

We also know now that the pineal gland is the organ that produces DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) in our brains. DMT is a substance that is found in Ayahuasca and that connects humans to a level of introspection that allows them to navigate an altered state of consciousness that usually results in life altering behavioral changes. That is why DMT has been found to be able to cure even the toughest cases of drug addiction, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety and a numerous amount of mental issues.

The pineal gland itself has been found in one form or another (often as an eye) in every religious teaching throughout history. Below is a picture of the All Seeing Eye found in an ancient egyptian ruin next to the cross section of a brain showing what the human pineal gland actually looks like. The resemblance is astonishing and very clear.


In Hinduism, there are several representations of the pineal gland in religious depictions of gods and ideas of auspiciousness. Hindu women will often wear a bindi, a traditional red dot on their foreheads and a representation of the third eye (the pineal gland). This forehead decoration has several meanings according to the geographic placement of the Hindu populations using it however, the most common religious significance associated with it is that of a cosmic mark used to enhance beauty.

Anyone that has tried DMT will tell you that there is a reason why people refer to this simple molecule as “The Spirit Molecule”. It is clear to me, after having had the ayahuasca experience, that DMT allows humans to perceive a frequency of the reality that is all around us at all times. A perception of reality that we aren’t usually able to perceive due to the limitations of our five senses. In other words, it literally is a cosmic connection with the rest of existence, one that anyone can try. The experience is available and often results in spiritual awakenings comparable to communicating directly with a higher power. This is what most religions try to teach but fail to at times because they aren’t able to offer the experience itself.

Alex Grey, an amazing artist, has been creating artistic depictions of what many see during a DMT trip. I have seen several of the visions that Alex Grey has depicted in his paintings during my ayahuasca journeys. His depictions of the visions are pretty spot on with what you actually perceive in the DMT world and, funny enough, they resemble a lot of Hindu deities. Something that I do not believe to be a coincidence.


As Dr. Rick Strassman explains in his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Psilocybin and Dimethyltryptamine are very similar on a molecular level, only differing from one another due to the addition of one hydroxyl molecular group into the DMT molecule. From a chemical structure point of view, Psilocybin is very close to DMT and, although the research has not found the link yet, it isn’t too crazy to hypothesize on the idea that maybe DMT produced by the pineal gland evolved from the molecular structure of Psilocybin.


Once you do the research , you can see that the history and the science of psychedelics are ingrained in what it means to be human. What I listed above was only a small fraction of the connection with psychedelic use that we are able to pull out of history. Science even shows us that Psilocybin mushrooms are actually good for us and that we have been lied to for decades about their viable medical use.